9 Signs You Were A Student At UPRM

1. You’ve stood in line for hours just to eat the mofongo from El Platanal at Cinco Días Con Nuestra Tierra.

This was probably the most highly anticipated part of the fair. And the colorful baby chicks. Always.

2. You’ve ignored every single cartero message. 

To be honest, idgaf.

3. You’ve gotten very creative at making your own parking spaces when there weren’t any.

We’ve all been there: rushing back from hora universal trying to make it in time for your next class only to realize that you’re too late. Hora de parquearse en la grama. No fucks given.

4. The Walgreens at Mayagüez Terrace was an absolute lifesaver. 

Te lo resolvía todo. TODO. Need coffee? Walgreens. Need shampoo? Walgreens. A new girlfriend? Walgreens.

5. Ajustes is the fucking worst (aunque la matrícula no se queda atrás). 

Goodbye, two full days of your time only to get zero percent of the classes you were hoping to enroll in.

6. In April, you sucked up to your friends from Ponce so you had a place to stay during Las Justas.

Hey, let’s be friends! But I’m done with you in May.

7. You seriously thought of buying a kayak just so that you could use it in área blanca.

Shit got so crazy después de un aguacero. It was a struggle. Below is a picture of área blanca after a hurricane.


photo cred: Adri Colom

8. La Calle Bosque was your weekly Thursday hangout spot.

Peseta Wednesdays were too for that matter and Freaky Mondays. And then having 3AM pinchos or tripletas. 

9. You’ve bickered with your friends from UPR Río Piedras over which university is better (María, no empieces).

Sangre verde, just saying. I’m kidding! Both have educated amazing Puerto Ricans that are helping shape our future. 


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