#TeamRubio is taking over Puerto Rico

Have you been wondering why Puerto Ricans have been bleaching their hair recently?


If you hadn’t realized yet, being blonde is trending in Puerto Rico right now.

#teamrubio #pr #mlb #isladelencanto

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This all started when the Puerto Rican baseball team competing in the World Baseball Classic 2017 dyed their hair blonde to show good sportsmanship and team unity.

Celebrities like Molusco, Ken-Y, Manny Manuel, Tito el Bambino, and Raymond Arrieta have been joining in on it. And for good reason because our team is currently undefeated and on its way to the semi-finals!

En proceso por #LosNuestros 🇵🇷 #Union #ElApagaoDeLaMega 🎧

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En apoyo a los míos ... VIVA 🇵🇷 PUERTO RICO #teamrubio #mannymanuel

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Linda tarde EL RUBIO 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 FOTO BY @elreydelamelodia @jeancstilo @jeancstylist #TeamRubio

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Puñeta Ganamos #teamrubio #losnuestros

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Even President Donald Trump has been showing his support.

President Donald Trump was spotted at the #wbc #wbc2017 supporting #losnuestros. #puertorico #teamrubio

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Just kidding.

Donald #Punk Se Cabio El Look ... Esta Mordio con los #Boricuas 😂😂😂 #TeamRubio 💯

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Anyways, it’s a good time to be a Puerto Rican barber.

Or a barista, for that matter.

Regardless of what you do, I hope you’re joining the #TeamRubio craze by supporting our baseball team in tomorrow night’s semi-final game!

Have you been considering dyeing your hair blonde, too? Comment below!


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