Puerto Ricans are hitting the streets to protest and it’s important to understand why

Puerto Ricans are in mourning.

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Today, on the 1st of May which just so happens to be International Workers’ Day, they’ve taken to the streets to protest.

And they’re not happy.

“Why should I be silent, if I was born screaming?”

La creatividad en su máxima expresión.... #ParoNacional

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More importantly, there’s been a political awakening.

“Nothing’s more violent than thinking.”

Why? Puerto Rico is facing a $70 billion debt. And to make matters worse, Governor Ricardo Rosselló doesn’t want to allow the debt to be audited. Hmm, I wonder why.

“If we audit the debt, your father’s going to jail.”

One of the main issues that people are protesting is that the University of Puerto Rico is facing budget cuts. As in, $450 million are being cut, which makes up over 20% of UPR’s budget.

“I’d rather have an indebted country, than a stupid one.”

The students from the University of Puerto Rico are currently on strike and have closed its gates.

“We closed one gate to open many minds.”

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And Puerto Ricans are definitely not being shy when it comes to bringing up our current governor’s past.

“Ricky, don’t kill education… the same way you drunkenly killed a mother and son in ’94.”

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Or bringing up who’s truly responsible for Puerto Rico’s debt.

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Burn after burn. Pun intended.

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Shit is getting pretty intense.

And it’s not only the UPR that’s being protested. The healthcare industry will be facing budget cuts as well. And the retirement age is being increased.

“The fight isn’t for the scholarships. The fight is for the health of your grandparents, for the education of your kids, for the retirement of your parents, for the good of the country.”

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So it’s understandable why people are pissed. Accessible education and healthcare are being put at risk because of a $70 billion debt that the people aren’t responsible for.

“If they don’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep.” 

Below, a potential 2029 UPR student with her future student number wrapped tightly around her.

Even Puerto Rican celebrities, like Ricky Martin, are taking to social media to support the cause.

Because, unfortunately, our POTUS gives zero fucks about us.

Like, seriously. Zero fucks.

Even though, Puerto Ricans are taxpaying American citizens.

The U.S. media isn’t giving us much attention either.

Regardless, there’s still hope. Somehow.

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