I searched “Puerto Rico” on CNN and this is what I found.

Puerto Rico has been suffering from a recession for over a decade now and things are definitely getting worse.The island is over 70 billion dollars in debt and Governor Ricardo Rosselló has refused to audit the debt and has severely cut budget funding for the University of Puerto Rico, healthcare, and more. The students from the UPR have been on strike and the gates have been locked shut. The semester might not even finish!

Two days ago, on May Day, protesters hit the streets island wide and the U.S. media has failed to cover most of what is happening in Puerto Rico. If not everything. Keep in mind that Puerto Ricans are taxpaying U.S. citizens that do not even have the right to vote for the POTUS.

Out of curiosity, I searched for Puerto Rico on CNN and sorted the articles by date.


The most recent article Puerto Rico was mentioned in is called “World’s 10 happiest countries in 2016” and was written on March 16, 2016.


I’m sorry, there’s just so much irony to that.

The second most recent article was titled “World’s 50 best surf spots”.

Sigh. Fuck you, CNN. Can the U.S. media please start giving a fuck?



One thought on “I searched “Puerto Rico” on CNN and this is what I found.

  1. Thoughts and Views says:

    Puerto Rico is facing these crisis because of bad management. The Federal funds were spent of Political friends, instead of the needs of the community. Now we are stuck in this battle over the debt. Ricardo Rosello adviced Bankruptcy over title III of the Promesa today. Let us see what happens next.


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